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Released in 2011, Final Destination 5 is a gruesome horror motion picture that follows the experiences of a group of coworkers who were saved from a horrific accident due to one man’s forewarning. With a runtime of one hour and thirty- two minutes, the show is no stranger to gore, as death is hell bent on seeking its revenge on this group of individuals who have escaped its malevolence once before. This movie trails the journey of these fragile souls as they attempt to escape the clutches of death. As students of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) it has come to our notice that many scenes within the movie have safety and health violations. Therefore, we have decided to focus on the death scenes of these characters and bring to light these infractions and the preventative measures that could have been taken to avoid such tragic losses.

The movie begins with a group of coworkers, driving over a bridge, on their way to a company retreat. Caution signs and men wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) can be seen as construction is under way on the bridge. Suddenly the road cracks and jolts, and the bridge collapses beneath them causing mass loss of lives. However, corrective measures could have been put in place to avoid such a disaster. Careful examination of such large scale construction should have been done to gauge the level of risk on the job, then measures such as closing the path or working during the night when the roads are less busy should have been taken to lessen the risks.

In addition, at the gymnastics centre, it could be seen that there were faulty cooling equipment as a screw from the ceiling fan fell unto the balancing beam, water droplets from the air conditioning unit were falling unto exposed electrical wires, and a fan was placed on the mat where participants were practicing. The fallen screw damaged one of the individuals causing her to knock the powder substance into the fan creating an explosion of dust in the air and eventually leading to the fall and death of the character. On the other hand, had preventative actions been made, such as regular maintenance of heating and cooling equipment and proper placement of materials, the damage done could have been avoided.

Moreover, another death occurred at the spa. The character in question, visited the physical therapist where she performed acupuncture (the art of inserting needles into the body for therapeutic purposes). It is firstly noted that the bed was unstable and the needles were not properly sterilized, as it was simply being wiped unto an alcohol soaked cloth. Secondly, we notice the improper placement of apparatus such as the cellular phone next to the candles, as well as the ash from the incense near the alcohol filled cloth. hhhhhhhIn the scene, the ash of the incense falls unto the alcohol soaked cloth creating a fire, the bed then gives way and the character falls to the floor, in a panic the bottle of alcohol is knocked over and the cellular phone pushed the lit candle unto the substance setting the room a blaze, the character then immediately dies on impact as he smashes into the wall shelves and a statue falls unto him. His life could have been saved had it not been for the improper placement of hazardous materials.

Penultimately, a woman falls to her death after undergoing a simple eye procedure. As observed in the movie, the woman is placed under the machinery and is strapped into her seat to avoid movement. The camera then pans over to a cup of water on the edge of the water dispenser. Due to the vibrations of the water dispenser, the cup falls off the edge unto the electrical socket where the machinery is plugged into. The machinery twitches and begins to overheat which leads to the damaging of the woman’s eye. As she wrestles the machinery and frees herself from the clutches of her chair, she misbalances and falls to her demise. Had preventative measures happened and removed the incorrectly placed cup of water, another life could have been spared.

iiiiiiUltimately, a man working at an industrial factory is seen standing at his job site. A loose tool is then detected near the spinning gear of a large machine. The consistent vibration of the machine shakes the tool until it falls into the gear and is pitched across the room striking the man on his head. Certain precautions such as appropriate placement of tools, and the wearing of PPE could have reduced the damage produced.

Conclusively, it can be said that OSH plays a major role in fighting death. If only the cast of Final Destination 5 had known.




  1. The Final Destination movie franchise has become a cult favorite with a certain group of viewers, because of the sensational content and the suspense due to a sense of impending doom that accompanies the movie right from the start. The viewer knows what the characters’ final destination will be! This was definitely an entertaining choice for your blog article and it was easy to follow your recounting of the series of events that led to various deaths. How, specifically, would you have dealt with the issues raised?
    On another note, were the series of events plausible in every case? What segments might have been a bit farfetched? Based on your research, have there been any similar real-world accidents to those shown in the movie, and what were the outcomes in terms of injuries and deaths?


    • Dealing with these issues are not as simple as you may think. Naturally my basic instinct would be to run and scream, which would only result in my ending being similar to that of the victims. The second event of death is a tricky situation. It can be said that Candice, the gymnast, based on her skill level displayed, has been in gymnastics from an early age. Being able to assess the events of the movie however, logically, I would, based on my years of experience in this art form and my nature to critically analyse everything, I would have carefully examined each piece of equipment before use. Reason being is that this is a very high risk sport and there can be no room for error. The simplest of mistakes could result in permanent injury or death. I also would have looked at the fact that the air conditioning unit was not working, ad how it could affect my ability to perform. Perhaps I would not have continued, as a more humid atmosphere could lead to dampened surfaces, or the powder would not last as long due to clammy hands, which could lead also lead to injury as I would slip from the bars more easily.
      Due to the nature of the film, it being in the suspense and drama genre, some of the scenes were created specifically for entertainment purposes and seemed a bit farfetched. One such instance would be the death at the spa. The series of event that had to be unfolded for his untimely death was indeed unfortunate but not very likely to actually happen. Firstly, it is understandable that after many usages the bolts on the massage table can become loose and cause the table to fall. However, it seems very suspicious that the vibration of the cellular device was strong enough to push an entire candle over and unto the alcohol soaked cloth. Apart from that event, the man frantically tries to remove himself from the room that was set ablaze, but unfortunately slipped on a substance that was knocked on to the floor, smashed into wall shelves, and as he lay on the floor the wall shelves come crashing down and the content on the shelves crushes him.
      Based on my research, there have been similar cases of accidents happening in the real world. For instance, a similar incident occurred in Trinidad when one of the three Caroni Bailey Bridges collapsed. In accordance with the report given, around 4pm workers were dismantling the bridge when it snapped in the middle and took down with it eight workers and two trucks, killing one and injuring five others.



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