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Ace Ventura:Pet Detectiveosh-detectivens


We all know the famous classic movie, Ace Ventura, featuring the hilarious actor, Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey plays as the main character, Pet Detective Ace who works within a police department. He is known throughout the movie for rescuing lost animals, saving them or returning pets to their owners. He portrays his goofy character on a mission to investigate and rescue the disappearance of the dolphin, Snowflake, a football team mascot. Although most are entertained by his comedic actions, this movie illustrates various hazards. This blog helps to highlight the different hazards seen throughout the movie, as we can encounter safety issues with our daily lives.



Fall Hazards

Ace had to recuse a pigeon on a roof top; he followed this pigeon to the edge of the roof.ace_ventura_pet_detective_trying_to_catch_the_bird Ace had no protective gear and was oblivious to the fact that he was on the edge. Falling from this height can be fatal or lead to serious body injuries. Additionally, he was on the roof by himself in the event of a fall he would have been left without care for an extended period of time.

Solution: when climbing one should have a partner in case of emergencies, also when going on heights suitable safety wear should be worn.

Ace used a branch to avoid his landlord when entering his apartment. There was a pile of branches discarded on the floor near the stairs. He could have tripped on those branches and sustained a broken limb. One can plainly see how a simple habitual practice can result in accidents which can cause bodily harm.

Solution: any unwanted material should be disposed of properly this would avoid a pile up. Or simply, Pay your rent!

Ace was seen climbing up a water tank, which was wet. One would think he could have recognised the danger since the ladder was wet and slippery. Nevertheless, he proceededAce_Ventura_Pet_Detective_Shark_Scene_Part_1.gif to climb up the tank. Ace could have slipped and fallen from that heigh

t and could have been damaged or he could have snapped his neck.

Solution: when climbing on a ladder one should take precautions; if it is wet dry the ladder or postpone until another time when it is dry. Furthermore, railings can be installed so that climbers have additional safety and to lower the potential risk of a fall.

There was a scene in a club where a rock band was performing and some of the artist began ace_ventura_pet_detective_divestage diving[1]. The audiences were not fully aware of their surrounding and this could have resulted in a fall hazard to be imposed. The crowd divers could have fallen to the floor and broken their arms and legs. Members of the audience could have sustained injury from begin hit from the stage diver.

Solution: Club owners should have rules and restrictions such as no diving off the stage to protect its patrons.

During his investigation he visited the Finkle’s residence which was dilapidated and clutter in the house. This is a fall and trip hazard as people can visiting or who lives there can trip on the clutter on the clutter and fall through the floors. This can cause serious injuries to body such as broken limbs.

Solution: To avoid this, the house could be cleaned and renovated.

Fire Hazards:

When the customer opened the door he was seen smoking a cigarette. This could have ignited a fire in his apartment. This customer was not cognizant of his surrounding so this could have led to a mishap. Additionally, he lived in an apartment complex so in the event of a fire he could have been trapped and been killed. A fire could have spread to the adjacent apartments and several casualties could have occurred.

Solution: Safety regulations should be put in place where smoking is concerned especially where the public is at risk due to the smoker’s negligence.

Ace used rubbing alcohol to set his clothes on fire. This is a highly flammable chemical Ace_Ventura_grossed_out.gifand he set the fire indoors. This could have resulted in a fire within his apartment.

Solution: All chemicals should be used correctly, meaning that they are used for their intended purpose. Secondly a person should be cautious when handling any chemical substance and ensure that the read the handling instructions.

Noise Hazard:

During his investigation, Ace Ventura walked through the rock concert to meet his friend  for information, which displayed a


sound levels effects on human beings.

noise hazard. Although Ace and his friend were not affected as they were in the basement, the patrons were. The concert was also in a small enclosed room, so the noise and vibrations were not able to escape.  This can lead to hearing impairment, loss of concentration and loss of coordination. According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004 as Amended in 2006 the sound level decibel (dBA) per day are for 4 hours it is 95 dBA and for 6 hours it is 92 dBA. A rock concert can go up to 130- 150 dBA (the sound of a jet engine). Can you imagine going to a jet engine noise concert?

Solutions: The concert could have been held in an open space to prevent the noise and vibration bouncing back at the patrons;

The volume could have been lowered.



While Ace continues his journey in search for the missing ring he targeted one of the Ace_Ventura_Pet_Detective Chlorofoam.gifplayers believed to be a suspect.  He soaked a piece of cloth with a chemical believe to be chloroform[2] which is a harmful liquid he discarded the container on the field which presented a hazard to passers-by.   He then proceeded to press it against the player’s mouth and this induced unconsciousness.

Solution: Chloroform, is a hazardous chemical which has numerous effects on the body. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR), chloroform affects the central nervous system, the liver and kidneys. It can also induce headaches, fatigue and lightheadedness. It can also cause sores if it contacts the skin.

Instead of using a dangerous chemical to incapacitate the person, Ace Ventura could have used the social approach whereby he engaged the person in conversation together with a handshake in order to identify if the ring was missing a diamond.

Another chemical hazard observed was during the bathroom scene where Ace Ventura ignited a fire using rubbing alcohol in a metal bin.   Rubbing alcohol, known as isopropyl alcohol, is highly flammable and can lead to a fire hazard it can also cause liver and kidney problems. Additionally Ace ignited this fire in a bathroom, there was not enough ventilation, prolong exposure to this gas can lead to death.

Solution: would you light a fire in an enclosed area? No. the proper thing to do was to set the fire outside using a suitable flammable substance.

To ventilate the entire room by opening the windows, allowing the noxious gas to escape.




In one scene, Ace is now about to open the door to his apartment, when, he was caught off
guard by his Landlord who wants the rent.   As they speak, the Landlord purposely coughs in Ace’s face. While this may have been disrespectful, it could have been a means to transfer a contagious disease such as Influenza which is caused by viruses via tiny droplets produced while coughing or sneezing. Because Ace was in contact with the cough by his Landlord, there is a greater risk of him getting the flu or any other contagious disease.

Solution: This could have been simply reduced if the Landlord did not cough on Ace, but to move away from him or cover his mouth while doing so.

As Ace is now in his apartment alone, we observe that he has many different animals Pet_Policy.gifliving there, from birds and monkeys to dogs and raccoons. They occupy different areas in the rooms, like the toilet, in the fridge, clothes hamper and inside food cans. Overcrowding of animals was noticed in his home. Yes this movie was for entertainment, but in a real world, who has squirrels living in canned food tins?  Animals are known to carry diseases. They can carry diseases that are dangerous to people, such as rabies, herpes B virus, Salmonella and faeces which can get into in his food items.

Solution: The risk of diseases and infections from these animals can be mitigated by carrying some animals to a sanctuary or shelter to help reduce animals in his home. The house animals, for instance the dogs and cats can be accommodated, since they may be less harmful. He can also have some of the wilder animals in cages to isolate them from the rest of his home.

Ace is seen chasing a bird on a building and fell into a pile of garbage. There are Ace_Ventura_Pet_Detective_Bird (1).gifpossibilities of rodents being present, cockroaches, Vermin and other microorganisms that may cause ailments or skin allergies from contact with foreign materials and organisms.

Solution: In this situation, it is best to avoid falling off the building into a garbage pile by not walking so close to the edge.  Also persons involved in the garbage disposal should ensure that the environment is clean and garbage is disposed of properly so as to not cause harm to the people nearby.

Ace visits the police office to gain assistance, in this scene we first observe a cockroach passing across the room and it was crushed by Sergeant Aguado.. Then upon having an argument with Sergeant Aguado he pushes him to the ground next to the crushed cockroach. There seemed to be an infestation of cockroach that can be harmful to the other employees by contaminating food and causing allergies.

Solution:  The employer should therefore make arrangements for an exterminator to ensure the environment is safe to work according to the Osh Act.

Later down, we see Ace is eating on a table that is surrounded by animals that are also eating from his plate. As mentioned earlier animals are known to carry diseases and can be dangerous. He is also seen lying down on his couch with a bird feeding from his bare stomach. Don’t you think this can be a bit harmful to Ace? He may get infected cuts or bruises.

Solution: There should be designated areas for these animals with proper containers for their food to reduce contamination. Don’t you think so?

The last biological hazard seen in this movie is the use of the plunger from Ace’sAce uses plunger.gif bathroom on his face. Like come on, who would really do this? The plunger is used in the toilet which contains many pathogens and substances that increases the risk of getting sick.

Solution:  Ace should have never used it in the manner which he did. Instead, if he felt as though his mouth was unclean, he can use an antiseptic mouthwash.








An enraged customer used a baseball bat to shatter the windshield of Ace’s car. This would ace_ventura_pet_detective_it_s_alive_car_scenehave induced a stressful environment. The falling glass fragments could have increased the anxiety as the person could have thought that they would be cut or that their eyes could have been damaged. This experience could have caused Ace to develop Post traumatic Stress Disorder, leaving him with long-term flashbacks of that event.

Solution: the customer may require anger management classes and Ace may require professional therapy.

Subsequently at the police station the officers humiliated Ace because of his profession. This could have lowered his self-esteem tremendously.  Ace could have felt the need to prove himself and this could have resulted in him working faster and taking more risks which could have caused accidents to occur.

Solution: Police officers need professional training of what is expected of them.

Sergeant Aguado at the police station created a stressful environment, whenever she walked in the officers would be seen scrambling and bracing themselves to be yelled at. Also Ace was using his rear end to address one of the officers; this officer proceeded to Ask You A Few Questions.gifpled with Ace to leave because he knew of the consequences when the Sergeant Aguado arrived. This scene shows how a stressful environment can disorient persons leading to anxiety and increase of errors.

Solution: Sergeant Aguado should be evaluated and recommendations made to her so that she can change her approach maybe she is unaware of the effects she has on her workers.

One two occasions the main character Ace had a gun place to his head. According to the I'm looking for Ray Finkle.gifarticle ‘ The Amazing Brain” this can elevate a person’s stress threshold cause in increase in heart rate and respiratory rate, the brain transmits signals to the adrenal glands causing the secretion of the hormone adrenaline. The hypothalamus also sends signals to the so that the stress hormone cortisol can be secreted.




One of the most clear-cut ergonomic hazards seen throughout the movie was Ace’s ace_ventura_pet_detective_drivingcontinuous habit of sticking his head out the window while driving, since his car windshield was shattered. This created an ergonomic hazard since the position of his head, along with limited motion, could have caused him to feel uncomfortable while driving. His position could have caused him to get shoulder aches, back aches, neck strain and injuries to his hand, since his hand mostly supported him in that posture.

Solution: A simple, effective solution to this would have been to replace the broken windshield so that his seating position would have been more suitable for his driving comfort. In doing this, parts of his body would not be exposed outside of the moving vehicle.


Also, one of the scenes showed Ace inside of a mailbox during his search for ace_ventura_pet_detective_searching_for_the_ring_full_sceneSnowflake. I mean really, why  would he go in a mailbox, of all places, to look for clues. After all, he is Ace Ventura!

Nevertheless, his posture, in order to fit into that confined space could have been dangerous to him. It could have caused severe cramps in his legs and hands, as well as, back aches. Additionally he could have also suffered from eye strain, since inside of the mailbox was dark and he had no sufficient source of lighting, except a lighter.

Subsequently, there was insufficient spacing and areas present where the rock concert took place. Audience was seen clustered, barley having leeway to move if they wanted. This may have caused some people to become claustrophobic or irritated at the fact that they could not move as they pleased. Also with limited movement, the audience is seen standing mainly in one spot, which could have additionally caused foot aches and back aches.

On the other hand, the audience was seen “bobbing” their heads to the beat of the rock Ace_Ventura_Pet_Detective_Rock_Scene.gifmusic. This vigorous movement could have caused head injuries by someone accidentally smashing their head against another. This may have resulted in head concussions, headaches. In addition, the continuous, highly energetic movement could have brought neck strain.

Solution: to this could have been: locating an avenue that has sufficient spacing to avoid clustering and crowding of persons. In that way, creating a secure, comfortable area for the audience to enjoy their concert.

Also seating accommodations should be available, and so, if there’s any person who wishes to sit, can do so. This will help prevent any sort of pressure on the feet which may help to reduce feet pain.

Lastly, audience should be made aware of the effects that such movements practiced and encouraged by rock bands are dangerous to them.

However, I have had some personal experiences, where some of my friends are very much addicted to this genre of music, “Heavy Metal Rock”. Some may even treat such music styles as their culture. In so saying, trying to convince them that their ways of expressivity can pose some sort of danger to them can be complicated. In other words, simply listing out solutions, as one above, may not majorly affect them. As OSH detectives of this movie, with respect to, the audience of the rock concert, we have to take into consideration the lifestyles of some and how compliant there are with certain aspects of safety. Everything that is taught may not be practiced. Hence, alternative and even more complex ideas and solutions may need to be given.




Foot Notes:

[1] to leap from the stage into the audience (as during a rock music performance)

[2] A colorless, volatile, sweet-smelling liquid used as a solvent and formerly as a general anaesthetic. (google 2016)

[3] include but aren’t limited to stress, violence and other workplace stressors.



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Occupational Health and Safety Act of 2004 as Amended in 2006 Schedule 2- PERMISSIBLE NOISE EXPOSURES pg 205

Rock concert noise level- http://www.gcaudio.com/resources/howtos/loudness.html

Sound level effects on human beings-






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