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Risk Reduction Regime analysis on OSH issues in Disney’s production of Zootopia.


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Zootopia was the movie chosen, that is children animated and a film that is primarily based in the place of same name where predators and preys all live together. The analysis is done on a compilation of everyday risks and hazards that exist and apply within the constructs and job scope of a police officer, of which the movie is based on. Judy Hopps (the main character) defied the odds for this achievement by making it through police training and became the first rabbit officer. On the first day on the job she was however given parking ticket duties (meter maid) . The opportunity to finally pursue a case to find a missing otter came after she chased and caught a thief. Judy, though faced with many obstacles was able to solve the case and find the missing animals.  There were also hazards present to the public, but the majority of the risks and hazards found throughout the movie whether to employees or to the public were not fatal but were of a serious nature. Within all of the hazards found, most had some form of safety measure or protection present but were either insufficient or unsuitable, whereas some of the risks and hazards had none at all. The analysis of the movie looks beyond the cute, humor and life lessons and highlights where there are OSH issues. Enjoy this journey with Risk Reduction Regime as we take the reader of this blog through the movie Zootopia highlighting the safety issues found.

Identified were five of the hazards in the film. Continue reading